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Wall Jewelry Organizer - Small Magnetic Board

Wall Jewelry Organizer - Small Magnetic Board

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wall jewelry organizer

Jewelry Wall Organizer Includes:

Solid metal board coated in 2-sided  white gloss finish 

The metal board is 12 inches x 3 inches in size

Three magnetic earring holders in the shape of a moon, star, and lightning bolt

Small magnets to hold other jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets

3M Command Strips for no-nails installation

Removable fasteners cover holes for a nail or screw installation

Our unique wall organizer suspends jewelry with magnets. The magnet strength is strong, so your jewelry is not going anywhere.  The earring holders are made of strong molded plastic so they do not break.  Our earring holders can store almost any earring, whether big or small.

Our smaller magnets are designed to efficiently hold other jewelry, and they can hold other items such as keys. 

The magnetic board is designed to decorate with postcards, artwork, quotes, keychains, hair ties, and small mementos that can hang from our magnets.  The dual nature of the board acting as a memo station and jewelry organizer invites to any desk area.  The large magnetic board is perfect for dorm room organization because it can hold school papers and jewelry items without occupying limited counter space. 

The no-nails option using 3M Command Strips is perfect for dorm rooms that have cinder block walls or any walls not meant to accept nails. 

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