Gina Kempner

Product Designer

Gina Kempner is the company's product designer. She created the earring organizer shapes: the star, moon, and lightning bolt.

Gina has developed a design eye. She is responsible for staging CK Organizers' magnetic jewelry boards in various spaces and decorating them.

Gina danced her entire childhood, and in high school she participated in the dance team, Pom Pons.

She is currently leading an active fitness career, where she will compete in her first body-building competition in 2023.

Gina has the creative skills to develop a platform for her fitness endeavors and has done the same with CK Organizers. Her creativity has helped CK Organizers with its social media accounts, and she has connected with many different people and established online brand awareness.

Gina is currently working on designing new shapes for the earring organizer, as well as designing another patented jewelry organizer.