Jamie Kempner

Product Designer
Jamie's passion for videographer and photography traces back to her pre-professional days. Whether she was videotaping clips of her college and high school basketball teammates after a win or taking random pictures of her pets, friends, and family off her iPhone, she could always manage to capture the authentic essence of the moment.

The art of visual storytelling and her visionary perspective is her gift, and when she sprinkles in the right music, she hits the exact vibe and energy of the message her work strives to deliver.

Jamie played varsity basketball in high school, starting as a guard. She continues playing in college, where she studies business. In addition, Jamie will pursue an advanced degree in a specific program to gain a complete commercial real estate, construction, and asset management education.

She rules the GTA5 universe, and you will lose to her on XBOX live. Her faithful dog Aspen will testify. Jamie also manages to put down her XBOX controller for a dumbbell. She has dedicated herself to the gym, a discipline that basketball has ingrained in her.
Jamie Kempner
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